Wholesale PortaVia | Medium to Large
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Save by buying in bulk!Become a wholesaler and offer your customers the PortaVia experience!Convert any mug to a travel mug!

Wholesale PortaVia | Medium to Large

$6.00 $12.95

Fits mugs and cups from 2 7/8" to 3 1/4" (72mm-82mm)

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PortaVia is a convenient and sustainable alternative to single-use items. PortaVia saves businesses money every time customers use reusable mugs over single-use disposables. Offer your customers a better drinking experience with PortaVia, the original universally fitting lid!
Minimum Order Size: 15 units

MSRP is $12.95 USD
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    Cafes and Restaurants 

    • Save 15-17 cents on each sale by using fewer paper cups, sleeves, and lids
    • Introduce a brand new revenue stream
    • Reduce single-use item waste and disposal costs
    • Offer your customers a healthy alternative to poly-lined cups and plastic lids
    • Avoid having to use paper cups and plastic lids which negatively alter the taste of hot beverages

    Retail Stores

    • Ergonomic and user-friendly
    • Open up a brand new product category
    • Complementary product line
    • Offer your community a reusable accessory

    Craftspeople and Artisans

    • Transform your beautiful handmade ceramic or porcelain mugs into travel mugs
    • Offer a new value added product to your catalogue

    Packaging can be hung on a hook through the 1cm (3/8") hold in a diamond orientation showing the brand level. This envelope style packaging includes the product's unique barcode, instructions and a thank-you note inside. 

    Transform Your Beautiful Mugs Into Travel Mugs

    Wholesalers increase their product offering and profit margin by enabling new capabilities with PortaVia. Explore all

    Create a Reliable and Versatile Seal

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