PortaVia, Universal To-Go Lid
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Take Your Favourite Mug To-Go With PortaVia!

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Never Leave Your
Coffee Behind

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Small to Medium (2.6" - 3")
Medium to Large (2.9" - 3.25")


Universal Fit

Preserves Temperature


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Infuse your routine with color

Find the PortaVia that fits you!

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Hear stories from some great people.

Saw these on social media and couldn't wait to try! They work great - fit most of my mugs. And of course, I'm always happy to support a Canadian company :) Highly recommend!


I love this top. It keeps my coffee warm for as long as one hour and I can sip and work at my leisure without the need to chug my coffee.


This lid is the perfect zero waste alternative to disposable coffee cups. It fits wide mouth ball jars well and does not leak at all with normal use.


PortaVia literally means 'Take Away' in Italian

Enjoy your favourite beverage on the go, with the convenience and style of your own mug. Don't be late looking for that long lost tumbler. Grab a PortaVia and head out the door!

Keep your coffee warm

PortaVia captures the warmth of your beverage and keeps the temperature longer.

Grab and Go

Enjoy the sweet convenience of simply taking your drink to-go from home

Bring Your Own Mug

Enjoy using mugs and cups from home and have a more enriching experience with your favorite drinks

Tackling Environmental Issues

Product Details:

  • PortaVia is made from food grade silicone
  • Designed in Vancouver, Canada and manufactured in Shenzhen, China
  • PortaVia does not work in containers with smaller or larger dimensions than those shown
  • Our lids does not work with outward facing draft angles, as in opposite of the containers shown to the left

Instructions for Use:

1. Before using your PortaVia for the first time, begin by washing it with soap and water -- or in the dishwasher, since it is dishwasher safe. Make sure the seals are dry before using.

2. Allow hot beverages to cool before drinking with your PortaVia. Place the lid inside the container making sure it is level on all sides.

3. Push down gently in the centre of the lid to until seals engage all sides of the container. Do not force PortaVia into an undersized container.

4. To remove, keep a hand on the container and pull up on the pull tab (opposite of the drinking spout) and the seals will release.

Take It Away

Turn your ceramic mug into a travel mug

Take Your Time

PortaVia keeps coffee hot for 30 more minutes

Take a Chance

Defends against spills

Take It Anywhere

Bring PortaVia with you on the go

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