Every time you use your PortaVia, you're making a positive impact on the environment


2000 PortaVia lids are now being used around the world!

If these 2000 PortaVia lids are use instead of a single-use cup 3 times a week, we're working together to save cups from becoming litter and landfill.

Every month 2000 PortaVia lids are saving:

  • 24,000 single-use cups from being used and thrown away
  • 9 ¾ trees from being cut down and processed
  • 6,000 gallons of water from being used
  • and almost enough energy to power a home for a month

Figures are drawn from Green Match, follow the link for more astounding facts about single-use waste. 2


Below are some of the challenges we face both at home (Vancouver, Canada) and abroad.

  • 2.6 million polycoat paper cups are thrown in the trash in Vancouver every week. 1
  • Nearly 50% of garbage collected from public waste bins are disposable cups and take-out containers. 1
  • 22% of litter on Vancouver streets are disposable cups, lids, and sleeves. 1
  • 16 billion paper coffee cups were thrown away in 2018. 2
  • 480 billion plastic water bottles were sold in 2016. 3



eco universal coffee cup mug lid to go

eco universal coffee cup mug lid to go

eco universal coffee cup mug lid to go




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