Porta Via lids are replacing single-use items around the world!

To track the efficacy of Porta Via's impact on our environment, we've gathered some figures to make the impact known. If 4000 lids are used instead of a single-use cups 3 times a week then the following is true:

  • 48,000 single-use cups are not being used and thrown away
  • 19.5 trees are saved from being cut down and processed
  • 12,000 gallons of water avoid being wasted
  • and almost enough energy to power two homes for a month is saved

Figures are drawn from Green Match, follow the link for more astounding facts about single-use waste. 2


Below are some of the challenges we face both at home in Vancouver, Canada and abroad.

  • 2.6 million polycoat paper cups are thrown in the trash in Vancouver every week. 1
  • Nearly 50% of garbage collected from public waste bins are disposable cups and take-out containers. 1
  • 22% of litter on Vancouver streets are disposable cups, lids, and sleeves. 1
  • 16 billion paper coffee cups were thrown away in 2018. 2
  • 480 billion plastic water bottles were sold in 2016. 3



eco universal coffee cup mug lid to go

eco universal coffee cup mug lid to go

eco universal coffee cup mug lid to go



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