Every time you use your PortaVia, you're making a positive impact on the environment

 Here, you will soon be able to see how much you're doing for our environment every time you use PortaVia over a single-use option. We'll track how much water waste you're helping to reduce and see the amount of carbon emissions not being added to the atmosphere. You'll learn more about PortaVia's lean supply chain and see the approximate number of paper cups, sleeves and plastic lids you're helping save from going into landfills. 

We need to gather the right kind of primary research in order to ensure our figures are correct, so this will take some time. 


Below are some of the challenges we face both at home (Vancouver, Canada) and abroad.

  • 2.6 million polycoat paper cups are thrown in the trash in Vancouver every week. 1
  • Nearly 50% of garbage collected from public waste bins are disposable cups and take-out containers. 1
  • 22% of litter on Vancouver streets are disposable cups, lids, and sleeves. 1
  • An average person in Canada uses 100 kg of plastic each year. 2
  • A plastic bottle requires 25% of its volume in crude oil during the production process. 2



eco universal coffee cup mug lid to go

eco universal coffee cup mug lid to go

eco universal coffee cup mug lid to go



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