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GioVia | Travel Mug

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The Purest Coffee Experience On The Go 

GioVia is a double walled porcelain travel mug that lets you taste the flavour of your coffee, not the container.

We love the taste of coffee... but we don't love when it tastes like stainless steel, paper or plastic. GioVia's double walled porcelain will never alter the taste of your beverage.  Our travel mug keeps your coffee just the way you like, for 45 mins longer than open mugs. GioVia stays true to the original brew while keeping the cup’s contents, and your hands, nice and toasty.

    • PortaVia was designed to fit inside the mug, so you can drink from the rim of the porcelain mug, not the lid
    • Enjoy 13oz of well crafted coffee knowing you're getting the most out of it
    • Double walled design keeps your hands safe 
    • The air gap between the interior layer and the exterior keep your beverage warm
    • PortaVia's 3 tapered seals ensures a reliable seal 
    • Easily and intuitively pull on the tab to remove the PortaVia lid
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    Perfect for Coffee Lovers

    GioVia does not alter the taste of your coffee the way stainless steel, plastic, and paper cups do.

    Preserves Heat 45 Minutes Longer

    The air gap in GioVia’s is double walled design keeps your beverage hot for 45 minutes longer than open mugs