For Here or To Go? The trouble with take-away cups

Written by Ashely, creator of The Little Black Coffee Cup

The second most common question asked by a barista is: "Would you like that for here, or to go?" In my experience on bar, most people choose to take away. Even if the customer decides to sit and stay, they tend to enjoy the optionality that comes with a portable cup.  

The to-go culture has run rampant in our society. The convenience that it affords has become invaluable to coffee drinkers and cafes alike. Customers can seamlessly integrate hot beverages into their fast paced lives, and businesses can use to-go cups to churn out volume while turning them into mini billboards to market the heck out of their brands. In fact, the branded disposable cup has become so trendy Instagramers show up to shops just to snap a few pictures with designer single-use cups in hand. Happy customers, increased volume and brand exposure: It's a win, win, situation. Right? 

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