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A little about us

What About Us?

PortaVia was created to empower people to make a difference with their everyday choices by having access to a sustainable and dependable solution for taking beverages on the go. 

The Founder

Louis Dombowsky founded PortaVia after developing a reusable lid in 2016 for a class while attending university for industrial design. He designed it for himself originally to take his freshly brewed coffee out the door to avoid being late for class. 

With a successful launch on Kickstarter in late 2018, PortaVia quickly became a much loved product for ceramic artists and everyday coffee drinkers.

The Intention

We believe that sustainability and convenience should be achievable goals, not lofty ideas. We want to provide convenient solutions to everyday problems such as how to bring your delicious coffee or tea with you in your own mug. Through our innovative lid design, we have provided people around the world with an accessible and reusable option for enjoying coffee the way it should be enjoyed from anywhere. Now everyone can enjoy the freedom of drinks on the go!

The Action Plan

PortaVia eliminates the need for single-use paper and plastic cups by enabling users to bring their own personal mug with them on the go. PortaVia not only keeps beverages hot and at optimal flavor, it allows users to use their own mug from home - reducing waste and providing a more sustainable alternative.